Drama MaMa Bookshop - Mini Eutaw Place Journal

Drama MaMa Bookshop - Mini Eutaw Place Journal

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"These were homes once, not houses. Homes, where humans dwelled, sought shelter, cooked, cleaned, slept, and dreamed. Cried and cuddled, lived and hustled. These were homes once. Not houses." Alisa L Brock

These journals were inspired by the Baltimore Row Houses and the people who call them home.

Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 120

100% Sugarcane Paper
Made by a Human BEING
Made with LOVE

The Cover: Each cover is made with American-made, 100% recycled FSC certified chipboard. Its matte, uncoated finish enhances the natural texture. Each cover is laser cut by us at a local maker space in Baltimore, MD.

The Background: Personalize your cover by choosing from six different background colors made with Acid-Free Cardstock.

Our Filler Paper: All our filler paper no matter what style you choose from is 100% Sugarcane Paper. Choose from Lined, Dotted, Blank Paper, or a Planner Insert.

The Spine: 3:1 Pinch Bronze Wire